Area Art Initiative (AAI):

About the AAI: Focuses on providing to the community and to members various presentations, demonstrations, and exhibitions. Throughout the year, the NAAA host a variety of opportunities including presentation and demonstration done by well-renowned artists and exhibitions. Presentations and demonstrations are excellent enrichment programs offered to artists, students, and the community. It offers the chance to learn new techniques, see into the business side of the artistic work, and provides insight into an artist’s career.

Exhibitions provide opportunities for artists to market themselves and their art as well as receive recognition and support. It provides to them a sense of individual self-worth, belonging, improve creative abilities, allows them to benefit economically, and gives them a chance to get involved with a non-profit educational organization.

Research on the impact of arts on a community is vast. These exhibitions and various opportunities provided by the NAAA can build community ties, community identity and value, promote volunteering, and is an excellent venue for self-expression and enjoyment. It increases a community’s cultural capital and provides an economic boost when visitors attend these local art programs, spending money on the artists and area businesses.

The annual Greeley Park Art Show is the largest exhibition organized and hosted by the NAAA. For over 60 years, the Greeley Park Art Show (hereafter “GPAS”) has proven to be an important venue for artists and for the thousands of visitors. Over the two-day event the community is given an extraordinary chance to witness art at its best. This event is an exceptional opportunity for the community to witness various forms of art and to further explore the artistic work by having the chance to talk with the artists at the show. GPAS is also the venue for two art competitions, an adult art show and a children/youth art show. Competition is an excellent approach of promoting the arts. It is a chance to learn valuable lessons, provides positive reinforcement, and the occasion to be exposed to other techniques and new artistic perspectives.

The adult art show specifically encourages artists to exhibit and promote their work, receive advice and critiques, and has become a venue to network with well-known artists who participate both in the GPAS, the competitions and judging. The children’s art show is a venue for children to discover the excitement and satisfaction of the arts. It encourages parental support for a child’s art education and inspires children to continue on with their innate interests of the arts.

Artist Development Program (ADP):

ABOUT the ADP: Intended to give early career artists multiple opportunities, including the chance to present their work to an audience at a spring art show as well as the Greeley Park Art Show held in August through the EAST program, assist upcoming artists the change to learn how to market themselves and prepare them for the future, and the chance to network with well-known artists who are known locally, nationally, and internationally. The ADP is looking to increase the frequency of the children’s creative art workshops. The benefits of art education in children are extensive and the NAAA is driven and dedicated to bring in more opportunities for these workshops. The numerous benefits that have been cited through the years across the country includes the increase development of imagination and critical thinking, the refining of cognitive and creative skills, impacting developmental growth, and has been shown to aid in the overall academic success.

An art scholarship is an excellent opportunity for a student to cover expenses and is also a way to enhance the student’s moral and educational experience. It offers a chance for the student to explore the organization that supported the scholarship as well.  The Nashua Area Artists’ Association is dedicated to the advancement of art and in turn provides students the opportunity to receive one of two scholarships. In addition, we love to support our scholarship winners through publicity on our newsletters and website and hope to include them in various exhibits and events. We here at the NAAA find that art education is an important aspect of life and the art world is gaining popularity due to the increase in educational opportunities and career options.

Going to college always leaves a student with a feeling of financial insecurity as the cost for tuition, living expenses, and supplies continue to pile on year after year. The NAAA knows that relieving this strain can help increase the level of education and help the student grow into an accomplished art student. Each year, the NAAA awards TWO local high school students with scholarships.

The ADP is charged with running two programs: