Pheasant Lane Mall Exhibit Agreement

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This Contract made by and between the Nashua Area Artists Association (“Association”) and I, , in exchange for the benefits flowing from one party to the other, the parties agrees as follows:

  1. I agree to allow the Nashua Area Artists’ Association to sell my artwork, which I confirm that I am the sole creator and owner of, for commission in the Pheasant Lane Mall Exhibit.
  2. I acknowledge that artwork will not be left hanging after the designated exhibit and as storage space at the ArtHub is limited and delivery and removal deadlines must be strictly adhered. I acknowledge and agree that should I not pickup artwork on the set pickup date or within three days of said pickup date, I will be charged $1.50 per day ($10.00/week). I further acknowledge and agree that any artwork not picked up within two months after pickup date will become the property of Association. In the event that such exhibit is sold, I shall not be entitled to any of the proceeds of such sale.
  3. I reserve copyright, including all reproduction rights, except for photographs made to advertise or memorialize the exhibition. I agree that such photographs may, but are not required to be displayed on the Association website or social media. I give consent to use images of my artwork for publicity for the exhibition and for the NAAA as a whole.
  4. I agree to help the Association arrange, install, and/or publicize the exhibition.
  5. I acknowledge that the Association will make every effort to insure the safety of the Artist’s work and that the Pheasant Lane Mall is a public place and the safety of the artwork cannot be guaranteed. I, the Artist, am responsible and, therefore, may choose to insure my work for the length of the exhibition. I cannot hold the Association/Pheasant Lane Mall liable.
  6. I acknowledge understanding of the Eligibility, Entry Information, Entry Procedures, and Fees and Commission as described on the PLM Exhibition webpage.
  7. I agrees to give consent to have the artwork posted for sale in the online ArtHub shop until the piece is no longer for sale.

By affixing my signature below, as a condition of Exhibiting in the Pheasant Lane Mall, I acknowledge and agree to all Terms and Conditions above. I do not hold the Nashua Area Artists’ Association, the Pheasant Lane Mall, its officers or its members, liable for any loss or damage to my property or for any lack of sales.

Signed and agreed on this .