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Sal Patalano

Retired from corporate America two years ago. I now spend my time photographing people on the street along the east coast of the US.

Rita Pelland

Emily Marchand

Painting will always be the expression of my joy and happiness. My feelings and emotions become a reality on a canvas. It's beauty in the simplest form; nature and the elements: earth, air, fire and water. The inspiration for my art varies from painting to painting. It could be the beauty of the place I'm in, a song that's playing, or the feelings I'm having in that moment. Growing up in Milford, New Hampshire I spent most of my time in the great outdoors. Whether it be in the woods of my neighborhood or at the coast. I have always loved spending time in nature. I took art classes in public school and experimented with many different mediums; acrylic, watercolors, pastels, and pottery. It was not until, at least, 18 years later that I picked up a paint brush again. I reside in New Hampshire where I pull my creativity and love for art from my life and nature.

Mary Albenzi

Lauren Alana

I began my jewelry making journey over twenty years ago, it started with a love of things that sparkle and some fishing line. Fast forward through the years, many experiments, classes and much growth in design and skill I am still constructing wearable art that more often than not sparkles! The ocean inspires me, and you can see that in the colors that I use the most. I call them mermaid colors. Like the ebb and flow of the waves, my work is always changing. I strive to always keep changing my designs, and advancing my skills. I love the dichoic glass because I would not be able to ever make the same piece twice. Only the finest components are used in my jewelry including sterling silver, Swarovski Crystal and genuine sea glass.

Keerthi Allam

I am a self taught artist. Art is a form of meditation for me! I work with pencils, charcoals, watercolors, acrylics and oil paints with pencils being my favorite:). I am good at portrait sketching in pencil and charcoal mediums.

Debbie Auclair

Debbie Auclair is primarily a self-taught photographer and artist. She has been capturing the outdoors with her camera for over 40 years. She has taken many courses and workshops to improve her skills in the constantly changing photo environment. Back in the film era she was published in several regional magazines and newspapers, including NH Wildlife and NH Profiles Magazine and she won numerous awards. Five years ago she picked up a paintbrush and has been dabbling in acrylic, and watercolor, expressing herself through abstract art. Both her art and photography reflect her deep love of nature and the outdoors.

Jacqueline Barry

Presently living in New England has traveled extensively. Her father was an accomplished artist and her mother was a published writer, therefore, being exposed to the various forms of art, it was natural to gravitated to both the visual arts and the written word. While writing came easy and sketching was fun, trying to find the perfect fit in the visual arts took some time. After much experimentation she discovered the world of pastels – vibrant, captivating and fortunately very forgiving. She first studied landscapes under pastelist Linda Obremski and what better place than in New England to study landscapes. She previously studied the art of fine detail in still lifes under the guidance of Mary Ellen Brown.

Laura Barry

A New England native, she’s been dabbling in the arts since childhood. Starting off with a pencil and paper, her art had gradually evolved. Versed in drawing/illustration and oil paintings, her true interest remains with both photography and digital art. Wanting to capture what nature had provided most, her photography focuses on landscapes, with the majority of her work revolving around New England iconic scenery. Currently, Ms. Barry is working as part of the NAAA as both their Webmaster and Newsletter Editor.

Hilda Bennett

Martha Bergstrom

Through her jewelry, New Hampshire native Martha Bergstrom combines her interest and love of gemstones into wearable pieces of art. “I enjoy working with metals and gemstones,” says Martha, “and find satisfaction out of designing a piece of jewelry that someone will love as much as I do.” Gemstone Wrapture jewelry features some of the treasures of the earth … delicate in appearance yet durably wire wrapped in 14k gold filled, sterling silver, copper wire or a combination of metals. Each piece is designed to enhance the beauty of the gemstone.

Allison Blanchette

Philip Boileau

I've lived in Nashua for 25 years. I studied Accounting at U Mass Amherst but the future of sitting at a desk was not my cup of tea. I was production supervisor for over 30 years at All Seasons Insulation. My carbon footprint on this earth is negative 5 million. We insulated with cellulose a recycled wood based product to conserve energy. A love of nature and natural wood is a reason I have a passion for wood turning. In the fall of 2012 I took a basic woodworking course at Nashua Adult Training but I am basically self taught. Have to give credit to Mr Bob Lalancet for showing me bowl turning . I was hooked !! This Old House, U tube and The University of Trial and Error is my formal training. I try to make something different every time from all kinds of domestic and exotic woods. CONTACT:,, 603 -759-3188

Chris Bower

David Bower

Kenneth F. Brunelle Sr.

Tammy Carlson

Everything I see around me is a possible subject for my photos. Most of my photos are taken in my own back yard. They are usually familiar objects, but interpreted from my own point of view. I hope my art will inspire and encourage folks to stop and take a closer look and admire the nature and world around them and take in that one small detail that could turn their day around.I am a singer/songwriter, photographer and poet and I try to infuse these ideas into my songs and writing. My art and music can be found at

Erika Carullo

Paul N. Charland

Nancy Christopher

Robert Ciareletta

Diane Colangelo

Jennifer Cook

I started painting in 2011 when I moved to New Hampshire from North Carolina by taking Kevin Dadoly’s watercolor night class at Sohegan High School. I find such peace when I paint.

Courtney Cortez

Kerry Crouse

Mary Crump

Katie DiTullio

Richard Dye

Patti Ferron

Rebecca Fessenden

Kenneth Fiery

Donald Forster

Nancy Frey

Tina Gagnon

Janine Gawryl

Margaret Gay Garneau

Ken Gidge

Jayson Gleneck

Ivy Glover

Irene Goddu

Jean Goldsmith

Patricia Harding

My photographs are generally ordinary every day objects that we pass every day. While we often see them we don't really look at just how extraordinarily beautiful our world is. Flowers are a common subject as they are easier to work with than people :-). I absolutely enjoy showing others that "beauty is all around if we open our eyes to see".

David Harris

Kenneth Harvey

Arelys Jimenez

Alfred ‘Chief’ Johnson

Daryl D. Johnson

These oil paintings tell a story of the once-familiar viewed in new context and form. The canvas records actual scenes of New England, conveying the mystery and joys of travel and fresh vision. The earth “breathes” in and out with compositions that bend with a heaving shape. Skies are majestic in wide-angle vision.

Barry Jordan

I am a retired Elementary School Teacher. I have always been interested in art. Oils, Acrylics, and watercolors are a few of the mediums I have worked with. Landscapes and old rusty trucks are my interest. I have done some commission work, but paint mostly what interest me.

Doug Kenny

John Kenyon

I have been painting for most of my life. I have however, spend the majority of my time in the business world and raising a family. With this new phase in my life, I now am more fully dedicating myself to oil and portrait painting which has always been a passion of mine.

Susan King

Benjamin Krupkin

Kala Kumar

James Lambert

Meredith Landry

Scot Langdon

Long Hill Photography has over 25 years of photography experience. Scot and Mary Langdon of Long Hill Photography out of Southern New Hampshire, provide clients with a consultative photography experience and a photojournalistic style of images that reflect moments in your life, not just a photograph. Long Hill Photography provides classic and progressive photography for portraiture, pre-school children's photography, small weddings, events, non-profit, business and commercial services. Reach them at: (603) 801-7473

Madeleine LaRose

Robert LeRoy

I am a Seventy-four year old self taught artist who started painting with Acrylics four years ago after retiring from Cosmetology for fortyy-four years. My works include "Landscapes, Animal life and Portraits". I reside in the city of Nashua, N.H. with my wife Mary Ann of twenty-three years. My other interests include fishing, watching the Patriots and RedSox and what the outdoors and nature have to offer.

Luci Lesmerises

Barbara Lester

Tracy Levesque

Marianne Lipari

Jesse MacMasters

Brenda Martin

Tammy Martineau

Catherine McDonah

Gary McGrath

Kathleen Meighan

Teresa Moler

Joe Montroy

Charles Mooradian

Wendy Mulligan

I use my camera to share the unique stories in the landscapes found around my New England town that are often overlooked and go unnoticed. Sometimes hidden within the modern, there is still evidence of a footprint dating from the revolutionary war. I celebrating the simple beauty of our past by creating images of farms, open fields and historic structures that hold our stories.

Martha Munroe

Claude Nivens

Hsiu Norcott

Lisa Papastefanou

Sandra Peters

Eric Peterson

Sandra Presley

Rollande Rousselle

Monique Sakellarios

Monique creates original oil paintings of landscapes, gardens, and market scenes in the impressionist style. She studied at the Leonardo Da Vinci School of Art, and the American University, both in Cairo, Egypt. Monique exhibits in national competitions and has won numerous awards for her oil paintings. She is a juried member of the New Hampshire Art Association, a Signature Member of the National Oil and Acrylic Painters Society, and a Signature Member of Oil Painters of America. Monique’s paintings may be seen in several galleries throughout the US. In addition, Monique has an impressive list of corporate clients.

Lisa Salerno

Marilene Sawaf

J. J. Sawicki

I am from Nashua where I live with my husband and two children. I have been creating art using many mediums for as long as I can remember. After 27 years of working in the real estate industry and I am finally able to pursue my dream and create art full time. I own Odin's Eye Studio where I focus on drawing, painting and wood burning. Being a huge comic book/sci fi nerd, a lot of what you will see from me will be revolving around that genre. You won't see it anywhere else!

Lara Seagull

Setting out on a journey with a piece of canvas and a brush, I don't usually have a specific goal to achieve, besides letting out the emotion that is inside of me, freeing it and letting it have a life of it's own. The style or technique is often dictated by the emotion itself and changes with the need of the painting, as it develops. After the fact, I can describe my style as somewhat of a merge between Impressionism and Realism, varying in different degrees, rarely becoming completely either one or the other.

Gregory B. Searle

Stacey Topjian Searle

Patricia “Pat” Silva

Sugitha Srivivansan

Lea Stabler

I am an abstract painter working to capture the energy of life be it from the summits of the Whites to the auric fields of individuals. The images are driven by feel and instinct and a challenge to transfer those internal images to the canvas. My career as an artist has emerged in the second half of my life.

Michael James Toomy

Pop Artist Michael James Toomy paintings possess a humanity and sensitivity rarely seen in contemporary art. Giving a serious thought-provoking edge to his pop art style. His Innocence series of paintings convey the images of everyday people in extraordinary circumstances. Toomy has been painting & drawing since he was a child, but has received little professional artistic schooling, with the exception of some Saturday classes at the MFA Boston & continuing art education classes over the years. As a young man Michael spent several years as musician and songwriter and was heavily influenced by the power and ability of great songwriters to pen lyrics that listeners can identify with their own experiences, their past or dreams. Michael has been involved with Live Nations Rock & Art Charity Event in Boston Ma. where his portrait of musician Mark Knopfler was sold on the spot to the actress Glenn Close. He also created Throwaway for Amnesty International Chapter, The Boston Firefly Project. Michael currently lives & works from his studio in New Hampshire. Michael’s work has been featured in galleries and numerous group & solo shows. The artist currently works out of his studio in New Hampshire with his wife & 2 children.

William C. Turner

I paint the effects of time that has weathered and corroded these discarded machines that contributed to America’s growth and development in rural as well as urban areas. They helped build roads, farm fields, and carry supplies that help make our country great. I hope to immortalize them for future generations who may never hear or see them operate. Recently I have looked to classical art and mythology as inspiration for reinterpreting these works using machinery. I enjoy incorporating the past into contemporary art and find it engages the viewer to question and delve deeper into the meaning of the piece.

Larisa Tustin

Sylvie Viens-Gray

Diane Vumbaco

Sydney Walker

My art works are kin to me. I love to connect my inner imaginative world with others’ worlds. I feel that the purity of this connection is the glue that binds humanity together. Art is my way of forming relationships, making connections, and expressing emotions.

Trevor Ward

Marcia Weiss

When I graduated from Cornell University, my singular goal was to go to NYC and become the Foods Editor of “The Ladies Home Journal”. Eventually, I became the Assistant Editor of of another magazine while studying for a master’s degree in Art Education at Columbia Teacher’s College. Marriage, a move to Nashua, NH, followed by the subsequent births of our two sons led to significant adjustments to my original career goal. I enrolled in the Manchester Institute of Art to study metal jewelry design. Always seeking new challenges, mine became how to incorporate glass beads in my metal designs. That led to many classes in lamp-work bead making, and eventually I studied the traditional bead weaving techniques from various parts of the world. My newest challenge has been to deconstruct all the learned and traditional rules and forms of flat, stylized beading and develop my own deconstructed style of “free-form, off-loom, needle woven designs.” My goal is to produce work that flows and moves, allows for blank, unfilled spaces and other subtle intricate manipulations to achieve a third dimension. My one-of-a-kind creations are known for my own, now easily recognized style.

Adam White

Harriet Winchester

Liz Winchester-Larson

Enid Wojtas

Deb Wolf

I am a local Oil Painter from Tyngsborough, MA. I paint landscapes and seascapes inspired primarily from my imagination. My palette includes bold colors and a vivid contrast of light and shadow with the goal of producing an otherwise ordinary subject matter provocative to the eye.

Ethan Woodman

My name is Ethan Woodman and I am new to doing sculptures in metal. Most of my work has a mid-century modern type design as that's the era I am most inspired by. I began doing this type of art after I fell in love with welding. Each piece I make is basically a physical representation of how I get away from the common stresses of life. My hope is that when someone looks at one of my pieces, they exhibit some type of emotion.

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