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Tips for Participating in an Outdoor Art Show:

  1. When selling, make it possible for your potential customer to use their PayPal or Credit Cards, especially when you’re marketing pieces that are priced well above what one carries in their wallets. Establish your account in advance, and then use your mobile smart phone to login.
  2. Consider bringing a portable power-pack, something that can be used to power your smartphones, laptops or any other devices you plan on using during the show.
  3. Sometimes it is easiest to utilize the Shared Booth offer! Not only does this allow you some wiggle room – i.e. work in shifts, go for a walk, all while knowing your booth is being taken care of by a fellow artist and friend. Also you’ll have the advantage that friends/guests of your “booth-mate” will spill over into your area.
  4. If you wish to have a solo-Booth, be sure to bring a friend to help work the booth with you, this will help when you need a break and allow you to focus on conversations with each guest.
  5. Proudly display your name/company name and type of art. Hang your sign, high-up so that it can be seen at a distance. Branding, branding, branding!
  6. Make your business cards easily accessible.
  7. Practice and be prepared to discuss your art, what or who influences you creatively.
  8. Borrow or rent a moving dolly to get your items to and from your vehicle. All booths MUST be under a tent, buy one that that is meant for repeated use over a long period of time. This will help protect you and your artwork!
  9. Invest in something to weigh down your tent to fend off the occasional gust of wind as no stakes are allowed in the park due to the underwater sprinkler system. DIY Tent Weights
  10. Bring an extra tarp or two for a quick fix to cover merchandise, fixtures, or even the tent in a bad weather situation.
  11. Keep water and a cooler on hand for cold drinks.
  12. As this show runs through lunch, bring food and snacks to last you.
  13. Consider bringing your work to and from the show in a storage container to protect them from the elements.
  14. Bring extra clothes or layer your clothes (including shoes) for changes in temperature and comfort.

For more information on selling art at art shows/festivals visit www.bobestrin.com/artshow.htm