Are you a NAAA member and want to see your news and ideas in the next NAAA Newsletter or on the NAAA/ArtHub website? 

If you have an article or information you would like to submit for the next ArtVox or to have posted on the website, please utilize the form at the bottom of the page. Your submission will be sent directly to the Editor/Webmaster. Newsletters are now being sent out monthly!! Thus, deadline for submission is 1 week prior to the 1st of month. The websites are updated every few days, however, the Newsletter will maintain a deadline for accepting submissions.

Submission Guidelines:

Please keep in mind that the purpose of our newsletter and website is to promote the arts in the Greater Nashua Area, promote our members, provide Call for Artist/Entry listing, etc. Make sure the information submitted includes as much detail as possible, especially regarding events. We also encourage submission of photographs and graphics to accompany these articles (send only JPEG files). The Editor/Webmaster will review and edit as needed in order to maintain the appropriate content and size of the newsletter, and reserves the right to reject certain submissions or postpone their publication to a later date. The Editor/Webmaster reserves the right to edit, change or omit certain content, including photographs and graphics.

Upcoming 2016 Newsletter Deadlines:

  • June: May 25th
  • July: June 24th
  • August: July 25th
  • September: August 25th
  • October: September 24th
  • November: October 25th
  • December: November 24th

**Submission via email will not be included**

Submission Form:

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*Do NOT include Artist Profile for the ArtHub nor registration for events. This is solely for member news and local events that can be posted online and to the Newsletter.