Join us!  All are welcome!!

Established in 1951, the NAAA is an all-volunteer, non-profit, educational organization whose goal is the advancement of art. The NAAA enthusiastically meets this goal through demonstrations by local and nationally known artists, scholarships to local high school artists, seminars, guidance on the business aspects of being an artist, and shows to encourage public interest and participation in the arts.

Our membership is comprised of an assortment of artistic talent. From visual artists working in oils, pastels, photography, watercolor, jewelry to performing artists and art lovers, the membership includes well-renowned artists, locally and internationally. The NAAA welcomes members at any level of experience, from the well-seasoned professionals to the students who are just starting to experiment in the artistic world.

The NAAA hopes to provide our members information and opportunities that they will find exciting and important and are issues that address their personal artistic interests. In support of our increasing membership, we hope to increase our availability to host lectures and artist demonstrations, member exhibits, museum field trips, an online Members’ Gallery, and a public outreach program through our children’s art activities and college scholarship program.

Download our current By Laws – last revised 2015.